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We provide Real Estate Web Design and Online Marketing services for Realtors©, Real Estate Agents and Brokers. All our paid solutions and can be tested for free for 30 days, no CC info required. These solutions include Website Builder, Real Estate Farming and Prospecting Newsletter systems, Drip Mail Systems for Prospecting and remote-controlled Online Presentations. Additionally, NetReal offers a vast array of resources (articles& news) and free services.
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Pennie Arneson
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
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$14.95/mo - this is the monthly cost you need to pay to get the best real estate web design and programming for your online marketing needs. With the NetReal Website Builder, you can create your own real estate website in less than one hour.

    What you get:
  • Complete control over your website's content without needing to know any programming.
  • Access to more than 400 professionally designed templates. You can change the look and feel of your website with one click, when you want, as often as you want, at no additional cost.
  • A complex website structure which will answer to all your client's needs.
  • Unlimited listings and MLS integration via smart framing IDX
For the FREE 30-day trial run no credit card information is required.

Featured website:
- Pennie Arneson, Fort Lauderdale, Florida


NetRealinTouch offers a complete newsletter marketing system, created especially for the real estate industry.

All you have to do is to upload your list of email contacts to your account. The system then uses your list to send regular, professionally-written, content-rich newsletters on your behalf. The content covers various topics ranging from general information on health, parenting, home&garden and many more to specific real-estate information (mortgage, real estate investing, home buyer and seller tips).

The technical platform is complex enough to satisfy even the most experienced users yet friendly enough to be used by the least experienced.

For the FREE 30-day trial run no credit card information is required.


NetReal Expo is an online tool for creating, deploying and remote-controlling visual presentations. You can create a professional presentation in less then 15 minutes, and than invite your prospect(s) to view it via the internet, while you control its flow from your end.

    What you get:
  • A large collection of high quality templates, covering various themes.
  • Automatic presentation conversion to .pdf format with the push of a button.
  • Integration with websites simply by copy-pasting a code.
  • Control, monitor and track your visitors in real time
  • Detailed statistics
For the FREE 30-day trial run no credit card information is required.


NetRealCampaigns is a complete system for sending drip mail campaigns to your prospects and clients. All you have to do is to set up a list of contacts, assign a campaign (or more to each), and then forget about it. The system will send the campaign automatically.
    What you get:
  • 21 campaigns professionally written by our editorial team. The content covers a large range of topics pertaining to the buying and selling of houses, as well as in depth mortgage information/coverage, and a few trivia campaigns. You can also create your own content if you want.
  • Easy and intuitive contact list management
  • Professionally designed message templates
  • Detailed statistics

For the FREE 30-day trial run no credit card information is required.

Added: June 28, 2011
Article rating: 3 (of 5) - 2 votes

The Personal Brochure: A Real Estate Agent's Most Effective Tool

"What's the one thing I should do with my real estate marketing to build my personal brand and generate leads?" I get asked this question all the time. New agents or agents who are struggling with a marketing budget will ask this question and I always preface it by answering: Marketing is a holistic endeavor and, unfortunately, real estate agents being salespeople are always looking for the next big thing or the silver bullet to solve their client attraction problems. The best approach is a holistic one where marketing is approached from a big picture strategy that blends marketing channels, tools, activities and sales integration that align to collectively achieve objectives.
[ Greg Herder ... full article]
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