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Added: October 12, 2010
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Make Plans Now for Your Holiday Real Estate Marketing

[ by Marte Cliff ]
It's hard to believe that Halloween will be here in a month - and that my Grand-daughter went off to first grade almost a month ago. I'm sure it was only a year or so ago that I traveled to the coast to be there for her birth. Now she's a big girl who can already read some of her story-books to me.

Time is flying... and by the time we turn around twice the holiday season will be here.

Have you started planning your holiday promotions?

Have you thought about give-aways or cards to send to your past clients and sphere of influence? Are those items in your budget? It really is time to start working on all those things.

I've always been in favor of sending cards either for Thanksgiving or New Year's - because right at Christmas people get so many cards that one more is just "one more."

But what about those cards? If you send pre-printed cards, do they matter to people or do they just look at them and toss them? How do YOU feel when you get a card that you know has been sent to an entire list of people without any thought about who you are?

When I get a card from my dental clinic it doesn't mean anything to me - except that they want me to have more dental work done. The same goes for the hardware store. I doubt that the owners of the store even look at the mailing list.

Think about that - and then decide if you should send cards to your entire farm area, or only to people you actually know and who know you.

My vote goes to sending holiday wishes only to people whose faces you can visualize when you see their names. And, it goes to sending something a bit more personal than a greeting card printed with your name on it - even if that means you need to start far ahead of time.

Even if you have a few hundred names on your list, if you start now, you could do it. You could hand-address those envelopes, and you could add a personal note to each card. It doesn't have to be long - just something that shows you know who they are and that you personally wish them well.

So many things are automated today - it seems like we're all hungry for the personal touch.

It's just something to think about...


About the Author: Marte Cliff is a Freelance Copywriter who specializes in writing for real estate and related industries.

Marte's weekly ezine for real estate professionals offers tips and hints for building a successful business. To subscribe, and to see other resources available for real estate sales professionals, visit her at

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Current rating: 3.00 (of 5) - 2 votes
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