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Creating a support account


How do I create a support account?


If you need help and/or if you cannot find the necessary information in Help documents (The Step-By-Step Wizard document, the visual tutorials or the page help), you can create a support account and ask our team for answers by opening a ticket.
You do not need to be logged in to access this feature.
Press the Support tab, the last tab of the main menu at the top of every page and you will be taken to the Netreal Support Center page.
Important: you can open a support ticket without a support account but you cannot track it. So it is better to create a support account to follow up on your help request.
Click on the Register New Support Account link on the bottom left of the page. You will be taken to a registration page with two forms. The first form at the top is for your email address and the second for your confirmation code.
Fill in the fields of the first form with your email address.
Important: this email address can be different from your original address (the one used for logging in to your NetReal account).
After you click the Send Confirmation button, a confirmation code will be sent to your email.
The email contains a confirmation link which you can click thus completing the support account registration, and a confirmation code which you can use in case you wish to confirm your registration manually. In the latter case, fill in the second form with your email address and the confirmation code and click the Confirm Registration button.
Important: If the link from your email is broken in two, you can still complete the confirmation by browser. Copy the first part of the link in your browser's address bar, then copy the second without leaving any spaces between the two parts. Then press Enter.
Once you've confirmed your registration, you will be taken to a new page where you will be asked to choose a password and enter your personal info to finalize your account. When you have finished filling in the required fields, click on the Create Account button.
You're all set now. To start using your support account, log in by filling in the fields of the login box on the left of the main support page with your email and your password.
Also see the visual tutorial How to: Create and use a support account.