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Using a support account


How do I use a support account?


You can log in to your support account without logging in to your NetReal Control Panel account. From the NetReal homepage, press the Support tab to get to the Netreal Support center page.
After you've logged in with your email and password, click the Open a Ticket link from the left-side menu. Then click on the destination, the Netreal Support Department Queue link and fill in the form. The subject should contain a short description of your problem (e.g. Trouble uploading pictures) and the body should detail it. Also, fill the fields at the bottom of the page with your name, subscription type and problem type and choose the ticket's priority.
When you are finished, click the Send Ticket button to send it to us.
To follow up on your ticket, click the Track Open Tickets link from the left-side menu. This page shows you if and when our team received the ticket.
You will get the answer to your request both in your email and on the Track Open Tickets page.
If your problem has been solved, the ticket will disappear from your support account. If it wasn't (e.g. we need more time or information), the ticket will remain in your account. If you wish to reopen a ticket, you simply have to reply to the email message.
Also see the visual tutorial How to: Create and use a support account.