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Selecting and managing my templates


How do I select and manage my templates?


There is no template selected when you create your account. In order to build your website, you need to select one.
Login to your NetReal Control Panel account. Press on the My Site Builder tab in the left-side menu to expand this section, then click the Select Template link (the second link in the submenu that opened).
To select a template, you can use one of the two buttons on the Select Template page: the Template Explorer or the Template selection wizard. Choose which one to press.
The Template Explorer allows you to see and test in real time different versions of your future webpage by selecting a template which you will be able to browse like a normal website. Using the drop-down menu, you can search by category and subcategory and preview each design (by pressing the blue Preview button). Once you've decided on a template, press the Select template red button.
The Template selection wizard allows you to browse into a directory-structured webpage where all the templates are organized in categories and subcategories with thumbnail galleries.
Press the Select this category button and you'll be taken to the subcategory page. Choose one by clicking on the Select this subcategory button. The final step is to decide which design you like best.
Below each template, there are three buttons: Make your current template button -use it to choose this design for your site, the Add to favorites button-use it to select this template for your favorites folder and the Preview button-use it to preview your site in a browsable version. After you add a template to favourites, a message will be displayed confirming your action and the icon will change.
To view your favourite templates, go to the menu on the left and press the My Preferences tab, then the My Favorite Templates link from the submenu that opened.
This is the place where all your favourite templates are stored. To set a template as current or to remove it from your favourites, click the Make it your current template button or the Remove from your favorites button respectively, which are next to the template thumbnail.
Also see the visual tutorials How to: Select a template and How to: Manage your templates.