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Added: June 23, 2011
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Branding Yourself as the Go-To Real Estate Agent: 7 Simple Steps

[ by Karen Moehr ]
Building your brand isn't difficult, but it does take some time and effort. Just as the popular soup with a red label wasn't known 'round the world overnight, neither will your brand. However, if you follow certain steps, you can be sure you'll have a much more "known" brand by this time next year.

Branding: The new "must" for real estate agents

1. Decide what your brand is--whether it's to work with low-income buyers, sell high-end beach homes or list golf condos, you know you have something that you enjoy and would like to make your specialty, if it isn't already.

2. Name it in a memorable way to describe it (Luxury Home Specialist, Condo King, etc.). It doesn't have to be smaltzy; just make it memorable and brand it with your specialty.

3. Put it EVERYWHERE--this means website, cards, brochures, phone messages, etc. You know how you can sing certain jingles (even those that annoy you)? Make your brand as burned-in as those (remember Co-stan-za?).

4. Concentrate on those listings and sales that cement your brand type--make your marketing and business efforts in that area. If you start listing $99,000 condos but build your brand as the luxury beach villa agent, it will only confuse people.

5. Let the world know when you've listed a property in your brand (PR, Media, Video)--Don't be a talking head in a poorly-lit video or swept away by outdoor wind (you've seen the kind I mean--they scream unprofessional). Do something high-end (see our Get Your Spotlight program to get high-end, pleasing videos).

6. Get the expert status you deserve in your brand by offering advice, columns, Q & A for your local community

7. Put out something with your brand on it every week--even slow weeks require marketing. Make it fun and think of new things to do each week.

If you start with just these seven simple tips to building and solidifying your personal brand in real estate, in no time at all will you local community start to think of you as your brand and the "go to" person for your specialty!


For more tips and our complimentary tips series: 39 Sure-Fire Media Spotlight Grabbers, go to

K. Moehr, president of Moehr and Associates, a specialty marketing and publishing firm.

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