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Added: June 28, 2011
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The Personal Brochure: A Real Estate Agent's Most Effective Tool

"What's the one thing I should do with my real estate marketing to build my personal brand and generate leads?" I get asked this question all the time. New agents or agents who are struggling with a marketing budget will ask this question and I always preface it by answering: Marketing is a holistic endeavor and, unfortunately, real estate agents being salespeople are always looking for the next big thing or the silver bullet to solve their client attraction problems. The best approach is a holistic one where marketing is approached from a big picture strategy that blends marketing channels, tools, activities and sales integration that align to collectively achieve objectives. ... full article
Added: July 7, 2010
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4 Steps to Sales Success With Real Estate Agent Brochure Designs

Real estate agents looking to break into the top tier of their sales profession polish their interpersonal relationship skills and put the finishing touches on their marketing collateral to lift them over the competition. They make their personalized brochures present a compelling message on why a customer should use them. ... full article
Added: May 4, 2010
Article rating: 3 (of 5) - 2 votes

Burn Your Brochures: 8 Better Alternatives for Creating Collateral

If you work in marketing communications, you've probably seen this scenario a dozen times: A harried sales guy, shirts-sleeves rolled up to the elbow, storms into your cubicle. "I got a hot sales call in Toledo in three weeks. I got to have a brochure to leave behind," he says, smacking his fist into his open palm. ... full article
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