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Added: May 1, 2008
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Email Flyers Make Traditional Paper Flyers A Thing Of The past

Years ago many businesses might have claimed that sending out paper flyers to their customers was a highly effective form of advertising. Just about every consumer can recall seeing their mailbox stuffed with flyers or having a flyer tacked onto their windshield. Some people might have read these flyers while others quickly cast them aside. But from the business' point of view, enough people read (and often acted upon them) to make it an effective platform for spreading their message. The traditional paper flyer's time in the limelight as a viable and effective marketing vehicle has, for all intensive purposes, come to an end. Paper flyers have been replaced by a new, environmentally friendly and far more effective platform. Most businesses have made the switch to email flyers. Here are just some of the reasons why. ... full article
Added: April 22, 2008
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How To Create Flyers That Win Clients

Advertising flyers are definitely the most cost effective marketing tool you can use to spread out the word on your business. You can hand them out, post them, hang them up, or even leave them where your clients and prospects can get them. ... full article
Added: November 27, 2006
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Making Ideal Designs For Real Estate Flyers

Most of the time, real estate agents pay less attention to flyer printing because they think that flyers would be of no help to their business or company. However, contrary to what most realtors think, flyers can be a big help in assuring marketing and advertising success. Well, that depends on how you make your real estate flyers. ... full article
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