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Added: June 9, 2011
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How To Effectively Use Real Estate Flyers

[ by Tori Junipelo ]
Real estate flyers can be used to market one's property investment company and to find owners who are in danger of losing their home to foreclosure. Many people are in arrears in their house payment and will lose their home if they do sell their house. The person facing foreclosure, who reads a leaflet about selling his house fast, will call the person who left the leaflet to learn more how he can avoid foreclosure.

There are many good deals to be had these days because the country is still going through a foreclosure crisis. When an investor is able to come to terms with a distressed seller, the seller wins because he can avoid foreclosure, and the investor wins because he can buy the property for under market value. Even the bank wins.

The lender wins because the lender does not have to spend money on legal fees to enforce the foreclosure. Contrary to what many people believe, banks do not want to have to foreclose on land. Banks are in the money lending business and not in the property selling business, so the lender would rather have the land sold before foreclosure proceedings have to proceed.

The leaflets should be gold in color because the color gold draws a person's attention, and gold is the color equated with value. The leaflet should have the investor's company name, the company's telephone number and email address, and the company's website URL. The company's name should be in large bold, block letters, and stand out from the rest of the print.

Have the leaflets printed by a printing company that specializes in business print work, and has a team of leaflet distributors. The investor has too much important work to do than to distribute his own leaflets. Hire a team of leaflet distributors who will go door to door and leave leaflets on the porch, on the door, or even on car windshields.

It is against the law to leave any material in a mailbox without proper postage, so make sure that the leaflet distributors steer clear of mailboxes. Leaflets can be left in laundry mats, library bulletin boards, or on church bulletin boards. Put the leaflets in an area where the most people will read it for the greatest impact.

Property agents use leaflets to sell homes and will usually leave a stack of leaflets in a shelf on the for sale sign. The leaflet will list the square footage of the house, the number of bedrooms, and the asking price for the property. Many homes have been sold because a prospective buyer liked what he read on the leaflet.

Real estate flyers can be used by the property investor who wants to find buyers in distress who are eager to sell in order to avoid foreclosure. The leaflets can be left on porches, car windshields, bulletin boards, or in laundry mats, or anywhere where people will see the leaflet. The leaflet should be gold in color and have the agent's or investor's contact information in bold letters.


About the Author: Tori is a real estate consultant specializing in real estate flyers.

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