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Added: October 4, 2005
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Tips And Tricks For Making Your Flyers Stick

Great real estate marketing does not necessarily mean a long and costly campaign. Just think of one of the most basic and cheap marketing tool there is, the modest flyer. Flyers are not only cost-effective, but they also serve to send your message loud and clear. You will say that dumpsters are filled with discarded flyers so what's the point in bothering with them in the first place? Well, you are wrong. Here are some pointers about making your flyers stick in the minds and pockets of your customers.

Let's start with tips for the layout, continue with the copy and finish with the distribution.

The design This is the first thing people see, it's the make or break element. Whether black and white or colored, the images you use must grab attention and attract.

  1. Don't use too many colors. The layout will become tiresome and it will look unprofessional.

  1. Get rid of the clutter Don't fill the flyer with too many pictures and text. Your objective is to make it something worth keeping

  1. Use colors and designs with a theme consistent with your other marketing collateral and website For example, if you're in real estate, use a house.

  1. Include your picture You will help people connect with you as a person.

  1. Leave one side blank for notes People can use this side to make notes about your product. It will make the flyer worth keeping.

  1. Make your flyer postcard like Use one side for a nice image and the other for the copy. It will help to emphasize the message, as well as to increase the keep-sake value.

The copy The copy is the most important part of the flyer. It's what convinces the client to buy your product or service.

1. Don't clutter Don't fill the flyer with too much text, especially if the font is small. Less is more in this case. Concentrate on including the most important information.

2. Headline must grab attention what your product or service can do for them

3. The first paragraph must hold the attention and make people read the rest. The first 3 seconds are crucial. Don't talk about yourself, talk to and about your prospective customers. Identify the problem they have and tell about your solution to it.

4. Describe the service or product using the benefits that it brings to the customer. Clients care more about what your product can do for them, than about how great it is.

5. Use testimonials. Testimonials are a very good way of convincing people to try out what you have to offer. Include detailed samples, with names and addresses, as well as a link to your online testimonial page.

6. Include a call to action. You need to spur people to action. Ask them to visit your website, or call you for more information.

7. Make it easy for them to contact you. Include all your contact information: phone, address, email, website.

8. Include an offer or a benefit, something which will make the flyer of use after the initial reading and worth keeping. You can even make the same offer if they give the flyer to their friends.

The distribution Now to reap the fruits of your labors. The way you spread your flyers around is very important, because they need to be found in order to be read.

1. You can target specific groups of people, by placing the flyers in places those people are most likely to find them. For example, if your target audience are the housewives, then put your flyers at the beauty salon, or the mall.

2. Have a care where you leave them. People should get a sense of the flyers' importance. Don't leave them simply lying around, put them under windshields, on the waiting room tables in doctor's offices.

3. Always carry a batch with you. You should have them on hand in case anyone wants to see them. Place them in a briefcase, or between two pieces of cardboard so that they don't get any wrinkles.

4. Don't leave too many flyers in one place, or else it might appear as if they were garbage. For example, don't put ten flyers under a windshield, put two or three.

5. Don't do one shot campaigns, people need around seven exposures until they show any interest. So keep on distributing them in rounds.

Good luck with your flyer campaign.

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Current rating: 3.41 (of 5) - 364 votes
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