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Added: August 18, 2005
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Using Flyers In Your Business

[ by Sue and Chuck DeFiore ]
If you are not using flyers in your business you are missing out. Flyers can be used to sell your product, promote your product, promote your services, and in a number of other areas.

Our lease purchasing students learn very quickly the importance of using flyers. Flyers, however, are not exclusive to lease purchasing. They are useful in almost every business I can think of. I'm sure there might be a business out there they don't work for, but I can't think of one.


To give you an idea of how we use them in lease purchasing. We use them after we get a property, by making up a flyer with the property characteristics, along with what we are asking for the property and the terms. We will place these flyers in various areas around the property, and we also use them to market in a number of other areas. In addition, this same flyer is faxed or emailed to our networking partners.


We use flyers to announce our seminars to various clubs and organizations. We also have a specific flyer for our seller and tenant buyer do it yourself manuals. We place this flyer in apartment complexes and a variety of other areas to get manual sales.


We have different flyers for sellers, tenant buyers, manual sales, seminars, and properties. We also have a number of different versions of each.


Many times after placing flyers up around a property we just left, by the time we get back to the office we will have messages regarding the flyer we placed.


For those of you running businesses other than lease purchasing, you can also use flyers in your business. Flyers can be used to announce a Grand Opening or the re-opening of a business, the addition of a new product line, basically any number of things. They are a lot cheaper than running a ad, in addition to giving you a lot of space to say and/or show what your business does. You can have a couple thousand of flyers made up and place them on cars in parking lots, or use a mailing service to mail them to a particular neighborhood. You can have another publication place your flyer in with their mailing or you can have someone hand them out. You can mail them to current customers to announce an upcoming event or product. You can put a coupon on them and offer a discount, or dollars off amount.


So what are you waiting for. Do up a flyer and see how it can increase your profits.




Interested in having your own successful, home based creative real estate investing business? Chuck and Sue have been helping folks start successful home based businesses for over 19 years, and we can help you too! To see how, visit

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Current rating: 2.91 (of 5) - 176 votes
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