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Added: November 17, 2009
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New Real Estate Agents Use Call Capture to Jump Start Their Business

It can be extremely hard to break into the real estate business, especially in the current economy. Real estate agents that are just starting out often don't have the advantage of a developed approach, industry contacts, and a wealth of clients to draw upon for referrals. This makes it crucial for new agents to use every tool at their disposal to try to make sales and gain new clients - otherwise, their time in real estate may be short lived. One recent piece of beneficial technology is call capture systems, which are dedicated phone numbers that help agents generate leads and track their advertising. ... full article
Added: November 5, 2009
Article rating: 3.25 (of 5) - 8 votes

Real Estate Lead Generation - How Do I Generate Real Estate Leads?

If you are part of the real estate industry today you are probably trying to find new ways of generating leads. Without leads, there is no business that can be a success. Your leads bring in new clients and more sales after all. There are many ways to generate leads some are more successful than others. ... full article
Added: October 26, 2009
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Develop and Cultivate Your Leads to Build Your Real Estate Business

Postcard marketing is just one component of an effective real estate marketing campaign. The best in the business leverage a variety of techniques to create their lead list. And, any business owner understands the true power behind a lead list. Without constant, new leads flowing into your business, your revenues will suffer. So, what other marketing methods have been proven effective for building a solid lead list? And, once you have begun to build a solid lead list, how can you effectively cultivate it? ... full article
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