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Added: January 19, 2010
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Lead Generation For Savvy Realtors - How to Write Effective Newsletters

[ by Steven O'Connell ]
So You Think This Is A Waste Of Your Time? How many of you have really discovered the advertising medium that really produces lots of great leads for a dirt cheap price? I will bet none of you have. You are searching for some kind of a secret that will cause your marketing goose to lay golden eggs, aren't you? The truth is prospecting requires work to produce results.

Will you make these same mistakes the old pros made when they were young?

How many entrepreneurs before you spent a great deal of money on advertising before they learned that there has to be a better way? The answer is an endless number of fools came here before you. It is not possible to start out in the Real Estate business without making these mistakes. They are part of the initiation into any profession.

Does The Newspaper Need You More Than You Need Them?

If you believe that a newspaper ad is the best way to reach your audience, then you are naïve. Learn from the masters that have been there. Those ads cost far more than they return. You need a direct connection to your audience. You need to build a relationship with people you don't yet know. Don't believe this truth? Then ask yourself this question? Are you more attached to your pet or that guy with the Real Estate Ad in your local paper? As you can see, no one cares about the people advertising in newspapers. You have no emotional bond with them. So why should they call you?

Marketing Masters Know That This Is The Way To Their Heart.

If you want referrals, then you need to develop relationships. But the truth is that you do not have to get engaged to your client base. You just need to stay in touch with short letters that capture their interest once in awhile. Over time they will come to be familiar with you and will warm up to your professional goals. They know that you want referrals. That is no secret. They just want you to be friendly and courteous in your correspondence with them. Keep researching and you will find the keys to your success.

Discover the Marketing Solutions that will answer these questions. If you struggle with juggling your time between marketing yourself, administrative tasks and selling homes, learn the methods that make your life easier.


About the Author: Steven O'Connell specializes in efficient and effective marketing methods. He learned what works and what doesn't through hard won experience as a Home Inspector and Contractor. Learn even more Realtor Marketing Strategies so you too can save money and improve results.

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