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Added: October 23, 2009
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Real Estate Agents Can Improve Their Credibility by Writing

[ by Linda S. Reynolds ]
In the real estate industry, credibility is perhaps the most sought-after trait in an agent. After all, who wants to work with an agent who is not an expert on the ins and outs of the market? Home sellers would obviously want to work with an agent that can get their properties listed on the right places. Home buyers, on the other hand, would want to work with an agent that knows where they can buy their dream homes at the best price.

Traditionally, agents build their credibility through word of mouth. Now, with the arrival of Web 2.0 technologies, you have more avenues to build their credibility aside from their web site or blog. These social media allow real estate agents to increase their Web presence. Let us take a look at some social media that you can use to build their credibility.

Squidoo -- This community web site is one of the most popular publishing platforms online today. This web site allows users to create web pages called "lenses" where they can discuss things that they are most passionate about, be it their work or hobbies.

As of this writing, there are 487,657 squids. Real estate agents write about current market conditions and trends, explain real estate concepts in layman's terms, and offer real estate advice to readers.

HubPages -- This is the main competitor of Squidoo. However, unlike Squidoo, Hubbers are not allowed to be overly promotional of a specific product, service, or company. Hubs are also more formal than lenses; they are longer than a typical blog post and cover a specific topic with more depth than a Squidoo lens.

You should take advantage of the opportunity to reach more people by creating an account in each of these two publishing platforms. By writing about their profession and their experiences as a real estate agent they can establish themselves as experts in their profession and improve their web presence at the same time.


About the author: Linda Reynolds is a licensed real estate broker in the state of Florida. She also teaches other real estate agents how to build their internet presence.

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