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Added: April 1, 2010
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Real Estate Agent Marketing - Two Effortless Ways to Use the Internet to Get Home Buyers to Call You Nonstop

[ by Leo J. Vidal ]
Do you remember how technology was supposed to cut the work week in half? For most people that never happened. But there are people making a living from internet marketing that have set up automated systems to generate income for them. These systems often require little maintenance if they are set up properly. Some of these people make nice livings working 5 to 10 hours per week.

If you have found yourself spending large amounts of time generating leads for your business, and doing follow-up marketing, then the internet can improve your lifestyle as well as make you more money.

In this article I'll discuss two ways you can create an "effortless lead generating systems."

Secret #1: Google Local Business Listing

Google (as well as Yahoo and Bing) started putting more emphasis on local search results for local businesses last year. They are still tinkering with their system, but they now offer free (so far) business listings for your real estate business.

Getting a business listing is fairly straightforward, if you follow all of Google's instructions to the letter. But there is another element to these listings that very few Realtors have discovered. The secret to getting a steady stream of leads from Google is to optimize your local business listing. There are a total of 35 factors Google looks at to determine how optimized your business listing is. If you address all 35 of these factors in the right way, then Google will rank you #1 in the local search results (usually found with Google Maps).

Being #1 in Google search results for Realtors in your city, zip code, or whatever could mean as many as a hundred new leads every day visiting your website and calling you on the phone.

Secret #2: Geo-targeted PPC Ads

You can buy ads on Google, Yahoo and Bing that are targeted specifically to your ideal customers. You only pay for the ads when one of your targets clicks on the ad and is redirected to your website landing page (where you will capture their email addresses).

You can spend as little or as much as we want on these targeted ads (e.g. $5 per day or $100 per day or $1,000 per day). Once your ads are set up, you do nothing but answer the phone when targeted leads start calling you.

Endless Free Leads for Real Estate Agents. Learn the secrets of the system that generated over 200,000 effortless leads automatically at

Leo Vidal is an internet business expert, and a former Realtor who has been helping small businesses for over 20 years be more profitable using the internet to generate leads and sales.

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Current rating: 4.00 (of 5) - 3 votes
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