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Added: March 17, 2010
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Top 10 Tips to Attract Readers to Your Real Estate Blog Like Ants to a Picnic

[ by Rhonnie Rapoza ]
Blogging is an excellent way for Real Estate Agents to keep in touch with clients and to generate new clients. Blog marketing can get complicated if you let it. But, It's really only as hard as you make it. The key is to be consistent.

If you are a beginner and new to blogging, here are 10 blogging ideas that you can write about that will attract readers to your blog like ants to a picnic.

1. Market updates for your area.

Get the sales information from your multiple listing service for the past month and compare the past months totals to the same month 1 year ago. Analyze and explain the data. Why are there so many properties on the market in your area? Or, why are there so few properties on the market in your area? What's the median sales price as of last month? What was it for the same month last year?

2. Community events.

People looking to move into a new area are interested in local events and what's happening on the weekends. Write about parades, grand openings, and comment on headlines in your area.

3. Answer Questions.

Read your emails and when people ask you questions about real estate write a post about it instead of just replying to the email.

4. Take Pictures.

When you are out and about take pictures of interesting things and write a post about it. Watch for the unique, absurd or funny. It doesn't have to be about real estate. Camera phones are a must for real estate agents today.

5. Ways to improve your community and the Real Estate industry.

Write about your own local volunteer efforts or the volunteer efforts of your local realtor association. You can announce donation drives for local charities. Are there any blood drives going on? Post the time and place on your blog.

6. Realtor conferences, seminars, and classes you attend.

Write about something you've learned and how you will apply it in your business. What's the latest on real estate law in your area? For example, there is a mortgage fraud class being offered as a continuing education class in my area. This class addresses issues of predatory lending and mortgage fraud, and how they affect foreclosed and repossessed properties. After taking this class you could write about how a buyer can avoid predatory lending. Explain to a buyer what predatory lending is.

7. Web surfing.

When you are surfing the internet watch for items that affect your community and comment on it. Than write a post about it on your blog with a link to the item you commented on. You can post a list to local government sites for your town or city.

8. Going to the market.

There is a real estate angle almost everywhere, especially if you like talking to people and starting up conversations. Write a post about a real estate conversation you had. If you are going to use a person's name be sure to get their permission. Don't post private information just keep it general. You don't want to anger potential clients.

9. Real Estate print newsletters and ezines.

What's the hot topic for the year? Write a post about your thoughts on it. For example, foreclosures are a hot topic right now. You can write about the foreclosure rate in your market area. What subdivisions are the hardest hit.

10. Market Area.

Write about the pros and cons of living in a subdivision within your market area. Is it close to a busy road? Walking distance to schools? Does it have a community playground? Quiet neighborhood? Answer the question, what's so great about living in this subdivision or area? Make sure you write like you are sitting down with a buyer and answering their questions.

According to the website there are 346,000,000 people globally who read blogs and there are 133,000,000 blogs indexed by Technorati since 2002. That's a huge ocean of bloggers to compete with. However, if you write consistently and keep all of these blogging ideas in mind. You will attract readers to your blog and improve your business in no time at all.


About the Author: What can a stay at home super-mom with four kids show you about creating web sites that save and make you money? If Rhonnie Rapoza can setup a website in 37 to 97 minutes including content blogs and real estate blogs), and have it add content on autopilot, then so can you, real fast.

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Current rating: 3.83 (of 5) - 6 votes
  • Louie Bags April 5, 2010
    Every time I come to you have another remarkable article up to read. One of my friends was talking to me about this topic a few weeks ago, so I think I'll e-mail them the url here and see what they say.
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