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Added: December 2, 2008
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Flyer Printing - 7 Tips For Successful Flyer Advertising

[ by Chris Barr ]
Working for a printing company provides me with the opportunity to review thousands of small business flyers. I see flyers for pizza restaurants, chiropractors, auto sales, eye care, furniture - and just about every other industry you can think of. My job also provides me with the opportunity to speak directly with business owners and learn about their flyer's success or failure. Through years of design testing and old-fashioned trial and error, we have developed sure fire ways to increase the response rate for your new full-color flyers.

Although every flyer is unique and creativity is mostly a good thing, there are certain guidelines to follow that will ensure your flyer generates revenue for your business. Here are a few items to consider when developing a new small business flyer advertising campaign:

1. Headline

Your headline must draw attention and motivate a reader to take action.

Good Example: Want a Greener Lawn? Call Us!

Bad Example: Joe's Lawn Service

2. Your Services/Products

Do not simply list services - instead, show people how they solve problems.

Good Example: Got Termites? Our termite treatment is non-toxic and pet-friendly!

Bad Example: Termite and pest control

3. Branding/Enhance Your Reputation

Take the opportunity to personalize your ad and warm-up to locals.

Good Example: Our family-owned business has proudly served the Chesterfield area for 15 years.

Bad Example: Operating since 1993

4. Poor Images/Graphics

Every good flyer MUST have high-quality images that sell!

Good Example: High-resolution photos of a hot cheese pizza

Bad Example: Clip art or images taken from the internet that are not designed for flyer printing

5. Misuse of Space

Always print on both sides in full-color. Use as much "real estate" as possible with good design basics in mind.

Good Example: A blance of text, images, and branding with full contact information found easily on both sides of flyer.

Bad Example: Too much text, difficult to read, blurry images, no clear "selling point", no logo, not in full-color.

6. Poor Planning

It's easy to tell when a flyer was "thrown together" and when a company took the time to do things right.

Good Example: Check your sunday newspaper and look at the print advertisements. Most will be very concise.

Bad Example: Look at flyers or mail that you receive and instantly throw away...ask yourself - why did you throw it away?

7. Choosing the Wrong Flyer Printing Company

Always choose a fair-priced, experienced, and communicative printing company for flyer printing. Most will even send you free samples in the mail!

Good Example: A printer with references and live customer service reps that answer the phone every time you call.

Bad Example: A printing company that has poor response time or is difficult to communicate with.

About the author: Chris Barr is an experienced marketing professional and graduate of Christopher Newport University. For the lowest prices on printed flyers, newspaper inserts, brochures, menus, and postcards please visit

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