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Added: July 13, 2006
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Printing And Binding Tips

[ by Karen Nodalo ]
There are many tips on how to save on printing. Ideas can be very great in order to make your printing costs low at the same time maintain quality prints.

If you are in a printing company and the job given to you is 10 percent more than the client's annual printing budget, it is advisable to get at least six quotes. If you have smaller jobs, you can only get three.

The metal plates are quite expensive but it can last longer and can have better accuracy.

These paper plates are suitable for shorter runs without touching colors or without the close. If you want to make use of this paper plate, you must plan of an effective design.

You can also save on envelopes and self-mailers.

You can save cost in making brochures and newsletters through self-mailer. Saving postage costs is also possible if you are going to do this.

If you are planning a design to enclose in the envelope, you need to consider first the size and the shape of the printed material. This will not only be for estimating the appearance but you can plan ahead of time the complexity of the job that you are doing.

Sometimes, printers have custom dies for the frequent cuts.

These custom dies can significantly increase the cost of the quantity. They can also have a compilation of the custom dies, which are from the previous jobs that you can work into your design, which is at extensive benefits.

Saving your money with imposition is also significant.

You can reduce the cost of adding up another color to the job that you are doing. You can use black with blue on one side of the sheet and then run another with the color combination of green and black on the other side. Applying a slight charge for the change in color is not that much because it is just like mixing green, black and blue in one sheet.

The last thing you can save your money on is the binding process.

The binding process can cost you a lot but you can include additional steps on how to save on it. In choosing a binding method to which you can save from, choose one that gives you a reduced binding method for the extra finishing steps. If every step needs to be completed, expect for a higher cost.

Karen Nodalo has graduated from the Bicol University specializing in Computer Science, she graduated with flying honors being one of the top notch students of the graduating class. She has been into writing for almost 5 years now, and has been into different topics. She has also been into student publications since her elementary years, giving her the much coveted exposure that writers of her kind battles for.

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