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Price: $21 | Upgrade: free | Copies sold: 0 - 49
Current version: 2.0.3 | Year released: 2004 | Year updated: 2004

  • on disk

SmartWin Professional gives you quick and easy access (1 to 5 keystrokes!) to any Windows resource such as files, folders, websites, and applications through a smart command prompt called by pressing Alt and Numpad plus together. It is used without mouse clicks involved and is based on keyboard shortcuts of up to 15 keys. Wizards guide you through the process of inputting resources. A SmartWin user doesn't have to hunt through the start menu, browse through awkward favorite websites lists and endless folders, remember web addresses, folder orders, and file places, or see notes on the Desktop to run something. Just schedule the resource with SmartWin. By using your short names to call your resources, it is easier to remember when you need them. Plus, everything is a few keystrokes away. If for some reason you can't remember the name in a very critical situation, SmartWin has a module that allows you to search for resources and run any operations with them or change their names or shortcuts, making it easy to manage your shell even if it your commands database gets really large. SmartWin can be used by all kinds of users who want to ease up their Windows use and/or speed it up for productivity reasons. 1 to 5 keystrokes! It can't get any faster than that! It's great for business. It saves time, and time is money. It's great for presentations because you can avoid Windows drawbacks and, better yet, make a great impression once you can use words of your choice to call what you intend to show. It's great for power users because it gives you serious command of the Windows Shell. It's also great for schools because they can use words pre-programmed by IT to prepare classes upfront, making it also more natural and comprehensive to the students. Open multiple folders at once to make backups. Let's just say SmartWin's solo purpose is to easy up and/or speed up Windows use, facilitating anyone's life. Try it out!

Computer operating systems:
  • Windows NT/2000/XP
Software rating: n/a

Axis Software Company
R Sao Daniel 74
Sao Paulo , Sao Paulo Brazil 04288110
Contact: Alessandro Ferri
Phone: 551150627346
Year business started: 2004

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