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Registering and starting the free 30-day trial


How do I register and start the free 30-day trial?


You have two ways of registering and starting your 30-day free trial: either click on the Register now link on the right of the page or directly click on the Free 30-day trial button, both situated on the NetReal homepage. In both cases you will be taken to the registration form where you will be asked to fill in the fields with your personal information, an email address which will be used as a sign-in name and a password. The fields marked with "*" are mandatory for registration. You can change both registration and login data from your account administration page at a later time.
No credit card information is required for registration!
Important: the email you submit will be displayed on your website and used by your clients for online contact.
After you finished entering your data, press the Submit button to complete your registration and you will be taken to your account administration page. Click on the big Start trial button to activate your free account for 30 days.
Also see the visual tutorial How to: Register and start trial.