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Customizing my site content


How do I start customizing my site content?


Managing the content of your website is a very simple and intuitive job. All the tools you need for this are found in the MY SITE BUILDER section from the left-side menu. Click on the Site content link, the fifth link from the expanded submenu and you'll get the list of your website's sections situated in the center of the page.
The first section, titled Home is your default homepage, the first page your visitor will see when accessing your site.
You can change the name and the order of the sections, or deactivate them to suit your needs.
When you first create your account, your website pages are not blank. Every page has the default content, complete with the data you entered to create the account (your name, your address etc.). Using the tools from the Site content page, you can customize the content.
Each section is equipped with a set of buttons.
The first is the On/ Off button you can click to activate/deactivate the corresponding section.
The second group consists of two buttons with Up and Down arrows. Use them to move the sections up and down the list.
Clicking the name of the section will expand a submenu you can use to customize the content of the webpage. Each item of the submenu has an On/ Off button and an Edit button. Clicking the Edit button will open a popup window containing tools and forms which you can use to modify the default content to your satisfaction. The third button is the Edit name button. By clicking it, you will be able to change the name of the section.
The fourth Edit content button will work the same way as clicking the name of the section.
The fifth and final button is the Preview button, which you can use to check up on your work.
For more details, check the visual tutorial How to: Start managing your site content .