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Uploading the photo above the menu, the one that appears on every page


How do I upload the photo above the menu (the one that appears on every page)?


Your photo is placed within your website's menu, situated on every page. You can replace the default version with your own.
In order to change it, login to your NetReal Control Panel account. Press on the My Site Builder tab in the left-side menu to expand this section, then click on Site identity, the fourth link in the submenu. Click on the Menu elements button.
You will get a page with two forms, one for uploading the photo and one for the agency logo. You will use the first form.
Important: The image must be in .JNG, .GIF or .PNG format and its maximum size shouldn't exceed 1 Mb.
On the left of the uploading form, there is the thumbnail of your photo and under it, there is the Delete photo button.
On the right there's the Add field and next to it the Browse button. To upload a photo, press the Browse button. This action will open a popup window, which will enable you to search for the desired item through your files. Select the photo, then click on the Open button and the popup will close automatically.
Set the size of the photo: small, medium or large, by checking the appropriate box in the Picture size form under the Add field (this field now contains the name of your photo).
Under the Picture size form, there is the Visibility form. If you set the photo to visible, it will show in the top part of your site menu, on every page.
Important: Setting your photo as visible in the menu automatically hides your photo in the main info section of the home page. The menu photo will appear on every page.
After you've made your changes, hit the Submit button to save. The image will be uploaded and resized to fit on your website.
Also see the visual tutorial How to: Create your site identity: menu.