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Managing my credential logos


How do I manage my credential logos?


Your credential logos/designations are placed at the bottom of each page of your website, within the footer. You can choose those that apply to you and your business. They tell the prospective clients of your strong points and your qualifications.
Login to your NetReal Control Panel account. Press on the My Site Builder tab in the left-side menu to expand this section, then click on Site identity, the fourth link in the submenu. Click on the Footer elements button.
The page contains a list of logos. You can find out what each thumbnail stands for by hovering the mouse pointer over it and reading the text that appears.
To select the ones you want, check the white square beneath each thumbnail by clicking on it.
After you've finished your selection, click on the ?Add/Change? button at the bottom of the page to save it.
Also see the visual tutorial How to: Create your site identity: footer.