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Managing my files


How do I manage my files?


Each account comes with a quantity of disk space for uploading your files. The Premium account has 10 Mb and the VIP account comes with a handy 40 Mb. These files can be any type of picture or document you might need for your website.
Important: No file can exceed 2Mb in size.
Login to your NetReal Control Panel account. Press on the e-OFFICE tab in the left-side menu to expand this section, then click on the second link of the submenu, My files.
Using the tools on this page, you can upload files and organize them in folders.
The first item on the page is the graph bar representing your quota and it shows the percentage of disk space used by your files.
Under the disk quota, there's the Current folder drop-down menu, which you can use to select the folder you wish to see or work with. Next to this menu, there are two small buttons: the Directory up button (a yellow folder with a green arrow)- you can use it to navigate up the directory tree- and the New Folder button (a yellow folder with a red star). Clicking on the New folder button will open a popup window. Fill in the empty field with the folder's name, then click Ok to save or Cancel to get back to the main page. In both cases, the popup window will close automatically.
Under the Current folder drop-down menu, there is the Upload bar. Next to it, you can find the Browse button. Click it to open a popup window with which to navigate into your computer. Select the file and click Open. The popup window will close automatically. The name of the file will appear in the Upload bar. Click on the Upload in the current folder to upload the file to our server.
The last item on the page is the list of files and folders. Next to each one, there are two buttons: the Trash button (a trash can) - click this to delete the file/folder and the View button which appears only next to the files (not the folders) - for quick-viewing.
Important: This list will automatically be updated when you upload a file/create a folder.
Also see the visual tutorial How to: Manage your files .