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Formatting a text using the online editor


How do I format a text using the online editor?


First of all, you need to select the paragraph you wish to format. Keeping it selected, use the buttons on the editor's toolbar to align or indent it and to change the font type/size/color.
All the operations described below start with the selection of the text.
To select a paragraph, click the left mouse button at its beginning, then hold and drag the pointer over the desired piece of text. The selected text will now appear white on a black background.
Horizontal alignment determines the appearance and orientation of the edges of the paragraph. If you wish to align this paragraph, you have a choice between the four justify buttons: left, center, right and full. You can find these four buttons in this order, on the top line of the editor's toolbar, after the font type and font size drop-down menus (these buttons have text-like lines on them-you can also find them by hovering the mouse pointer over them to read the labels).
Indentation determines the distance of the paragraph from either the left or right margins. To indent your paragraph, use the two buttons Decrease indent and Increase Indent (they are on the second line of the editor's toolbar, the sixth and seventh ones, with straight, horizontal arrows pointing left/right).
You can change the font type (Arial, Courier New, Georgia, Times New Roman, Verdana etc.) and the font size (1 (8pt), 2 (10pt) etc.). To do this, you have the two drop down menus at the left of the top line of the editor's toolbar: first the font type menu, then the font size menu. Choose your new options and check out the text below to decide the font's new appearance.
The fourth group of buttons from the first line of the editor's toolbar is used to change the font weight (bold or normal), style (italic or none) and decoration (underline, strikethrough or none).
To change the font weight, click on the Bold button (the seventh button, with a B on it). Do the same with the Italic button (the eighth button, with an I on it), the Underline button (the ninth button, with an U on it), the 'strikethrough? button (the tenth button, with an S on it), the 'subscript? button (the 11th button, with an X2on it) and the 'superscript? button (the 12th button, with an X2 on it).
You can keep the default color black for the font or you can customize it by pressing the Font Color button (the eight button from the second line of the editor's toolbar ? it has a T and a color palette on it). This action will open a popup window containing a color palette. Choose your color, click on it and the window will close automatically.
If you wish to customize the paragraph background, press on the next button (it has a bucket on it), to open a popup window from which you can select a color by clicking on it.
Also see the visual tutorial How to: Use the online editor- Basic operations, text formatting.