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Inserting a link into a text using the online editor


How do I insert a link into a text using the online editor?


You can insert links into your text to other webpages (URLs) or to your own files in " MY e-Office: Files" (you can link both text and images).
Select the text or the image you want linked. To select a portion of text/image, click the left mouse button at its beginning, then hold and drag the pointer over the desired piece of text.
You have two ways to proceed. First, use the Insert Web Link button (the 12th button on the second line of the editor's toolbar, the one with the chain links). Clicking it will open a popup window. The top field is for introducing the URL (the address of the webpage e.g. ).
Important: Write the URL in this form: . The form will not create a viable link.
You can choose a title by filling in the third field. The 'target? drop-down menu is used for determining the way the new link will open the page. The first option: "None (use implicit)" will open the link in the same page, the second ?New window (_blank)? will open a new window, the third: 'same frame (_self)? applies to pages with frames - the link will open in the same frame, the fourth 'top frame (_top) will open the page in the parent frame and the last one Other? is used to open the page in a specific frame.
The second field is used for your own files. Click on the drop-down menu and choose a file. If the file you want to link to is not uploaded, click the Manage your files link and upload it from the pop-up that opens. Repeat the other two actions (title and target).
When you are finished, click on the Ok button. The window will close automatically. Check out your webpage to see the link.
The second way is by clicking the right-mouse button on the selected text, then click Make link? and the same popup as above will appear.
You can also edit your text in html source (recommended only for advanced users). Click the Toggle HTML Source button (second button on the right on the second line of the editor's toolbar, has ?<>? on it) to change between editor and source view.
Also see the visual tutorial How to: Use the online editor-Inserting special characters, linking.