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Inserting a third-party script using the online editor


How do I insert a third-party script using the online editor?


This is an advanced feature that enables you to add third-party scripts like virtual tours, javascripts, flash movies and videos to your presentations. You can use third-party scripts such as virtual tours, tracking scripts, banner scripts etc. You can get these scripts and all their necessary files (these files are needed by the script in order to function properly) from your provider.
In an online editor window, select the place where you want the script inserted and click Insert script button (third button from the right on the second line of the editor's toolbar). This action will open a popup window containing the Enter your script field (below it there's the Align drop-down menu) and the 'select a file form with the Insert? button, the 'select a file drop-down menu and the Manage your files? link.
The first step is to upload all the files for the script (images, flash movies, video files and any other files necessary to the script such as archives). Click on the Manage your files link below the 'select a file? drop-down menu to perform this operation. This will open a popup window containing the e-Office tools. Create a new folder for all these files to keep them organized in one place. Upload all the files into this new folder. Once all files are uploaded, close this pop-up window. For more details see the visual tutorial How to: Manage your files and the FAQ question How do I manage my files?.
The next step is to paste the script in the left field of the Insert script pop-up window.
Now you need to connect the script with its necessary files. Select the file names in the script (click the left mouse button and drag to select), then select the files in your directory from the drop down menu and click the Insert button (this button is situated between the Enter your script field and the 'select a file? drop-down menu).
The file paths will automatically be converted for your script to work properly.
Do the same for all the files used in this script so all paths are set correctly.
You have the option to choose the alignment of your script in the text. Select the desired option in the drop-down menu below the Enter your script field.
Click OK to submit the script. The Insert script pop-up window will close automatically.
You can preview and test the script in the editor window.
Also see the visual tutorial How to: Use the online editor-Inserting third-party scripts .