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Managing my prospects


How do I manage my prospects?


New prospects are automatically added to the list when visitors subscribe contact data in the Data Collection pop-up. The Data Collection popup is activated in the E-Market Website section (the fifth tab on the left menu). You can decide when it appears: on site entrance or on site exit.
You can also add new prospects using the tools in my e-Office.
Login to your NetReal Control Panel account. Press on the My e-Office tab in the left-side menu to expand this section, then click on the first link of the submenu, My Prospects. The page contains five buttons: Add prospects, Mailing wizard, Export contacts to Excel, Import Outlook contacts and Export contacts to Outlook and a list of contacts at the bottom.
Important: The Mailing wizard, the Import Outlook contacts feature and the Export contacts to Outlook are only available for the VIP Package subscription.
Press the Add prospects button to add a client. You will be taken to a form where you will be able to fill in the following fields with contact data: Name, E-Mail Address, Address, City, Zip, Phone, 'type? (click and check the box next to the type that applies) and More details. After you?re finished, clicked the Submit button to save, then the Back button to return to the previous page.
The new prospect has been added to your list.

You have the option to send mass emails to all your prospects using the Mailing Wizard.
First, you need to select the prospects you want to send an email to. You can do this either by typing the name in the empty field or by selecting a category (buyers, sellers, RE investors, all contacts) and pressing the Go button. This action will display a list a contacts on the page. You can deselect a prospect by unchecking the box next to its name.
Compose your email by filling in the 'subject and the Message? fields. Next, you can choose to send your message as text only or as HTML. You have the possibility to add an attachment by selecting the item from your uploaded files. Lastly, choose if you want to save the message for later use.
Press the 'send message? button to finish your operation.

You can export your prospects as an Excel table or as Outlook contacts. Click Export contacts to Excel. In the file download window, click Save. After you have selected a location, click Save. Open the file you saved to see your list of prospects in Excel. Use the same steps with the Export contacts to Outlook button.
You can also import Outlook contacts as prospects. Press the Import Outlook contacts button. In the new window, click Browse to select a .csv file and then submit it. You can import another list or click Back to go to the My Prospects page.
Each contact has three options at the right of the list: Edit, History and Delete. Clicking the Edit link will take you to a page similar to the Add prospects page. Make your changes, then click on Submit to save. Use the Delete link to erase a prospect. Every prospect has a history where you can detail all the interactions relative to the client. Click on the History link. You will be taken to a form where you can select the date and the time of the event from the drop-down menus. Use the Entry text field to enter a short description of the event. Click Submit when you?re done. Your history is saved as an ordered list of dates and notes. Every history entry has edit and delete options.
To search for a prospect, enter a name in the search box and click Go. You can also search by category (buyer, seller, investor).

Also see the visual tutorial How to: Manage your prospects .