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Checking my traffic stats


How do I check my traffic stats?


Login to your NetReal Control Panel account. Press on the E-Market Website tab in the left-side menu to expand this section, then click on the last link of the submenu, 'traffic Stats?.
The top form serves to set the traffic visible or invisible. If you set your traffic status to visible, your visitors will see a counter on the footer of your website. If you set traffic to invisible, you will be able to monitor it from your account administration page, but it will be hidden on your website. Check the box you want, then click Change. Now scroll down this page to read your traffic stats.
The table shows the number of impressions (visited pages) 'the red column- and the number of unique visitors 'the blue bar- for: today, this week, this month, last month, quarter and year.
The chart shows traffic stats for the last three days. Click on a link to see the detailed traffic stats. First click on Today.
You have four types of statistics: top 30 visitors, top 20 referrers over all the pages, top 20 referrers' domain over all the pages and top 5 countries. Click on Traffic stats on the left menu or on the browser's Back button to go back.
You can do the same to view traffic statistics for: this week, this month, last month, quarter, year.
Also see the visual tutorial How to: Check your traffic stats