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Finding content for my site


Where do I find content for my site?


You don't need to start from scratch. After you register, your NetReal website is automatically generated and you only need to customize it to your desire.
When you first begin working on your website you will notice that many sections are already populated with content. This is the default content the system generates for you in order to help you get started.
We can speak of three types of automatically generated content:

1) Customized content based on your registration data.
This type of content is created by combining pre-written copy with your registration data. You may choose to keep some of this content, or completely replace it with your own (e.g. Home Page text)
A special example in this category would be the Weather forecast, which is automatically selected for your city and you may want to keep just the way it is.

2) Content created for illustrative purposes only
This type of content cannot stay for long on your website, as it needs to be replaced with real data (e.g. Testimonials)

3) Content of general interest
Resource Center and Recommended Links are two examples, which fall under this category. We've done our best to gather relevant resources, but feel free to populate these pages with your own preferences.