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My professional email account package is active now. How can I set up a mailbox?

From your Netreal Control Panel, on the "My Account > Payments & Subscriptions" page you'll see your ACTIVE professional email accounts package. By accessing the "Edit mailboxes" link you can define the mailboxes.
The process of defining a mailbox is easy and straight forward, the only thing that might confuse you is the fact that after you'll submit any action (create a new mailbox, delete a mailbox/user or change the password for an existent mailbox) the operation will be set on processing status. This is happening because every operation is recorded into a queue list and executed by an automatic script. Usually this operation won't take more the 1-2 minutes, after this you'll see your changes active.


If you have any problems with this process, please send a message to and our support team will assist you.