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Added: April 13, 2009
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Are You a True Real Estate Advertising Genius?

[ by David Christian Jr. ]
There is no beating around the bush here. If you want to succeed in real estate (or any other business for that matter), you absolutely, positively, MUST advertise, market, promote, tell and sell. Period.

The more money and effort you throw at marketing, the more opportunities that you will have coming into your front door, your pipeline, and the more profits you will make.

There is a careful balance however between GOOD marketing and BAD marketing.

Spending a fortune placing advertisements in newspapers or magazines, on TV or radio, or through Google AdWords or anywhere else for that matter, if the ads do not work (in marketing speak, if they do not "convert") is a waste to be avoided like the plague!

Do as much FREE marketing as possible, take the time and make the effort to do both online and offline advertising, also remember to FOCUS and TARGET your marketing on specifically what you are looking for. You are not looking for quantity without quality. You are looking for as many targeted quality (and prequalified) leads as possible.

The point you should understand is that you will get the best results finding what you are looking for if you take the time to define what you want BEFORE placing your ads, not after.

If you are seeking Buyer/Tenants for Lease/Option properties have you considered advertising in the For Rent section instead of the For Sale category or both? One of the best sources of investment properties is from "Tired Landlords" (little secret revealed here). Why not place your ads in the For Rent section and focus on the "Tired of being a landlord?" market?

The Investor's List, Your Bread and Butter

Now let's discuss a few ways you can find and build your Investors List. Your Investors List consists of other real estate investors, perhaps from all over the world, who want what you have.

These are the folks you will flip your properties to if you are wholesaling (and also other creative strategies as well). Because I don't want to overwhelm you with a million methods to begin, we are going to focus on the two ways that I KNOW work, to help you build your list of Investor/Buyers quickly.

Classified Advertisements (online and offline) and Phone Calls.

My preference, is to send folks to your websites to opt-in to an auto-responder. You should have, eventually, several different kinds of websites and advertisements so you can separate your lists for emailing purposes based on specific subcategories.

This makes following up with each list more effective because you can "speak" directly to them. For instance, an investor with cash who can buy immediately can have a completely different auto-responder series than perhaps your investors who are looking for properties to take over the Lease/Option position for a small or deferred investment (i.e. they have limited cash).

Finally, call other ads and investors and talk to them. Ouch! Yuck! Ewww, ARGH! I know this is NOT what you wanted to hear, but frankly, much of this business is talking to others and why not start with folks who are looking for what you may have to offer them and can benefit from a few minutes of your time?

You are not really cold calling to SELL them something yet. Instead, you are calling them to ask them what they want you to do for them! Much different.

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