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Added: January 24, 2005
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Top Ten Brochure Design Tips

Let's face it...a brochure is nothing more than paper and ink. Right? So why do some brochures work and others end up as scrap paper? There are many reasons, but the most significant one is simply a lack of foresight and planning. This ten points shortlist will guide you through the process of creating a brochure that works for you.

1.Determine what you want your brochure to achieve.

Do you know why the prospect should choose your business, product or service over your competition?Promote the answer to this question.

2.Keep your brochure focused on what you want to achieve.

  • Use headlines that draw attention.
  • Use Upper and lower case ­ ALL CAPS GET lower response.
  • Use boldface type sparingly to emphasize key points or headlines.
  • Avoid using reverse text - many readers overlook reverse text.
  • Increased leading (space between text lines) improves readability.

 3. Keep text lines short.

Increased leading (space between text lines) and character spacing, this improves readability.

 4. Leave adequate margins on all four sides of your piece.

 5. Use color ink for your brochure to increase response.

 6. Write about benefits to the customer.

 Keep the customer in mind use you and your avoid we, us, I, our.

 Use key words ­ New, Free, Save, Now, Easy, Proven, Amazing

 The twelve most powerful words in the English language:

1. You
2. Money
3. Save
4. New
5. Easy
6. Love
7. Discovery
8. Results
9. Health
10. Proven
11. Guarantee
12. Free

 7. Avoid clichés and trendy jargon.

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 8. Promote your business.

Include a brief company history.

Include testimonials or a client list.

Promote service and warranty, guarantee.

9.  Include your contact information.

10.  Ask someone who knows little or nothing about your business to tell you about your brochure.

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Current rating: 3.07 (of 5) - 153 votes
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