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Added: October 27, 2005
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The Importance of Following Up

Following up is an important aspect in developing your real estate business. It helps you build trusting ongoing relationships with your clients. And the most significant sales are usually the result of these relationships.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of following up with your customers and the methods to make a good follow-up.

Like anything worthwhile, consistent follow-up requires a lot of effort, but in the long run, sales follow-ups are more cost-effective than chasing down new customers.

There are at least three obvious advantages of the following up process:

 Keeping your actual customers.
A good follow-up with your customers will convince them they've made a good choice doing business with you. Gain their trust and the next time they will want to sell or buy a home, they will look no longer than your door.

 Generate referrals
A satisfied client will surely tell your friends about you. Having already experienced the benefits of your services, he will talk about them with first-hand knowledge and he will get you valuable referrals.

 Sustain a long-term campaign
Your business grows in the moments between sales. Follow-up campaigns require a lot of your attention and efforts, but they are a step towards new deals.

There are at least four methods that you can use to make your follow-up efficient:

1. Post-sale feed-back

After completing deals with your customers, call them and ask if they were pleased with the service provided, what they like most about working with you and what they would like to be improved. Show them that you care about them and not only about your business.

When you ask customers for feedback and take into account their suggestions, they feel a sense of ownership in what you're doing and you increase your chances of making them loyal to your services.

2.  Respond to your clients' needs

Your customers' plans and real estate needs change in time. They might not be the same as the last time they bought their home. Be sensitive to each customer's needs and offer them the information that best suits their interests.
When you talk to your customers about their real estate opportunities, don't hesitate to position yourself as an expert in your business giving sound advice.

3.      Consistent quality communication campaign

Keep in touch with your clients through a consistent quality communication campaign. You can use a variety of communication tools ranging from thank-you notes, phone calls, e-newsletters, sales letters, faxes and snail mails.
Send them tips about selling and buying homes. Include useful information on general interest topics such as home improvement, gardening, health, entertainment, events from the community and so on.
For example, you can send them periodical printed and electronic newsletters with personalized information according to their interests.
Use anniversaries and special occasions to thank your customers for their support. You can send them nice greeting cards with a personal touch to show that you remember the important events in their lives.

4. Getting personal

Meet your clients over coffee or lunch. Ask about their family, hobbies, personal goals and so forth. When you show customers that you really care about them on a personal level, their trust runs higher and it's more likely to choose you again as their real estate agent.
You can also organize parties for your best customers to make them feel important. This is a perfect opportunity to know them better. During the party, your guests will certainly talk about you and this will turn in more good will.
The basis of following up with your customers is to show them that you are not interested only in closing deals, but in building relationships. Trust is the key-element which motivates your customers to keep coming back. Real estate remains after all a people's business.

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Current rating: 3.07 (of 5) - 204 votes
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