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Added: June 14, 2010
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Mobile Real Estate Agent Marketing

[ by Teresa Janelle ]
Take advantage of all of your driving around town with mobile advertising. As a real estate agent taking your advertising campaign to the road has many benefits.

To be effective and not come off as being cheesy mobile advertising must be done well. There are a lot of opportunities that are economical and present a professional image.

A billboard sign which is stationary is most effective when it is placed in a premium location. The best locations are a major intersection or highway with high traffic. Your message will be delivered to everyone passing by but only for a few seconds of time. Premium billboard advertisement can be very expensive.

As a real estate agent you travel frequently throughout your market area, vehicular advertisement is like having multiple billboards in various locations in your realtor marketing area.

Benefits of a vehicular realtor marketing advertising campaign:
• Economical advertisement in your market area
• Presents a professional branded image
• Advertisement can be taken on location to specific events
• Can be included in Vehicle expense

If you are paying vehicle allowance for a property manager on your real estate team, compare the cost of leasing a vehicle with wrap branding. Depending upon the monthly vehicle allowance expense you experience, you may be able to lease a wrapped branded vehicle without increasing your expenses. Realtor marketing advertising without additional cost isn't a bad idea is it?

In our present day economy getting maximum value from every dollar spent in marketing is essential. Rolling advertising cost into vehicle expenses without adding to the cost is a winning combination.

What is wrapped vehicle advertisement?

A thin film of vinyl applied onto the outside of a vehicle in the fashion of a sticker. Colorful graphics are printed on the film in a digital manner to produce the desired branding and advertisement. This results in a finish that appears to be custom paint work.

Advantages of a wrap compared to a custom paint job:

• Wraps are less expensive
• Wrap can be removed easily
• Wrap can be completed in shorter time
• Wraps provide car protection

Wraps offer considerable savings when compared with custom paint jobs. Advertising and branding designs that are complex can be completed faster and with a better appearance with a wrap. The time to complete a wrap is usually less than 2 weeks and can be done in a matter of days in some situations.

The wrap can easily be removed without a lot of expense, very much time, or damage to the paint underneath the wrap. In addition the wrap can actually protect your vehicle from fading which could result in less value decline in the vehicle.

What type of vehicles can wrap advertisement be used on?

• Cars
• Vans
• SUVs
• Trailers
• Boats
• Box Trucks
• Basically any type of vehicle

Enhance your real estate marketing with the value added marketing with branded vehicle wrap advertisement.


About the Author:

Teresa Janelle is a Top Producer, Internet Marketing Expert, Coach, and Mentor and founder of To learn more about the most cost effective, highest converting, and cutting edge strategies that I use in my own business visit

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