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Added: June 1, 2011
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Three Biggest Mistakes Real Estate Agents Make With Their Blogs

[ by Greg Herder ]
The sad truth is too many agents' blogs simply suck. With blogging, your goal is to disseminate information, get people to read and comment, create an ongoing dialog, and also to help with Search Engine Optimization for your site.

Unfortunately, many agents are failing on too many of these counts. Here are three of the top mistakes agents make with their blogs:

Lack of Consistency (Abandoned Blog)

If you are going to make the commitment to have a blog, you should make the commitment. Countless agents think blogging is a good idea, but they start with a couple of posts and then get too busy and stop. If someone comes across your blog and the last post was from 6 months ago (or longer!), it either communicates you are a flake, or worse, you may be out of the business.

Solution: Plan and get it on a schedule/calendar. Whether you are going to commit to writing once or twice a week, or block out a couple of hours to write a month's worth of posts, get it on your calendar so that it won't fall by the wayside. Remember, posts don't need to be long. Make it short, concise and interesting.

Weak or Boring Content

It's a struggle to get people to even read a blog, so don't stack the odds against yourself by posting boring or uninteresting content. Make it lively and select topics that matter to your readers. When you have a blog, you are, in essence, a "columnist." You should write good, strong and interesting posts that people will look forward to reading. If you have lesser writing skills, you may consider hiring a "ghostwriter" or contracting with a local freelance writer to help you out. Another resource is purchasing or finding "canned" content by companies that offer content for sale. It's always best to produce your own content in your own voice, but these are resources available to you.

Not Understanding that a Blog is a Great Source for Search Engine Optimization and Driving Traffic to Your Website

Creating an interesting and insightful blog that people will want to follow - and even better, post comments on- is your main goal with a blog. Getting comments on your posts and getting people to link to your blog is going to raise your blog's cache and presence. Even better is getting your individual blog posts indexed by the search engines which will increase the chance that someone may stumble upon your post and even better, follow a hyper link from your post to your blog or website.

The key here, appropriately enough, is focusing on the keywords that you build into your blog posts. Keywords would be the search terms someone would use to look for information, homes or services in the area you work in. Determine your main keywords and build them into your content religiously and consistently, ideally with hyper links to your website or other relevant industry sites.


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