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Added: November 20, 2009
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How to Improve Marketing Postcard Layouts

[ by Charen Smith ]
Is cheap postcard printing not doing its job for marketing? Are your designs getting boring and bland? Well, if your postcard printing is not getting through to your readers, then maybe it is time to revamp and improve your postcard layouts.

I have four simple improvement ideas that you should find useful in improving your postcard printing. Let's start with fiddling with your postcard's orientation.

1. Deciding on the horizontal or the vertical - While most postcards use the horizontal orientation as its standard format, you can try to make your postcards look different by going vertical. It is not that hard to do and you can usually see a marked improvement in reactions when you do give out vertical postcards. It just looks "different" in the right sort of way when compared to other common horizontal marketing postcards. It can be your key to distinction against the competition, so consider this slight and simple improvement if possible with your designs.

2. Emphasizing an area of the postcard - Now, it is possible with a little creative designing to improve the emphasis of the cover of your marketing postcards. For example, if you are promoting a product in a postcard you can improve the emphasis to it by making it the brightest spot in the color postcard cover. You can do this simply by editing the image using an application like Photoshop. By lightening the areas around the object and darkening the outer edges, you cause people's eyes to look at the lighter part. This should improve the impact of your postcards, causing people to notice the major message of your color postcards.

3. Adding "eye-catchers" - One of the best improvement ideas for marketing postcards however is the addition of "eye catchers". These are basically features that can attract the eyes of readers within seconds. This can be something like a hologram, glitters and reflective inks. These eye catchers can easily be integrated in a postcard design at little extra cost. This gives the custom postcard a little bit of "twinkling" magic that should get more readers to get interested in its message.

4. Learning how to manage colors - Finally, color plays a role in the attractiveness of your postcards. If you want to improve your postcard printing through color, you might want to use brighter and better colors. For example using neon colors as the major theme for your postcards can truly brighten up the postcard for the better. Also, using colors that are related to strong emotions such as red and black can easily mark a postcard as something of significance. So try changing your color schemes if possible if you want to improve your color postcards.

Those ideas should add great enough improvements to your custom postcards to make them better and more effecient. Good Luck!


About the Author: Charen Smith writes articles about Internet Marketing. She has an extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to business strategies, techniques and business solutions.

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Current rating: 4.00 (of 5) - 1 votes
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