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Added: February 5, 2005
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Postcard Marketing: Enabling a Digital Reality

[ by Granny's Mettle ]
The popularity of postcards can be traced back to their broad subject appeal. Almost any subject imaginable has been, at some point or another, portrayed on a postcard. As such, postcards continue to be the most popular form of souvenir as well as communication tools for personal and business enterprises. In addition, postcard marketing is the cheapest form of marketing medium.

Whether you are looking at creating company postcards or simply for sending to clients and customers, postcards can be a great tool to get your message across. In fact, many businesses opt to send postcards as a reminder for appointments, or to say thank you for repeated business.


With the onset of digital technology, postcards printing is set to a new level- that of the excellent quality printing at the quickest time. At the same time, postcards are able to reach its optimum capability of becoming a medium of change from the conventional way of communication to the more advanced global technology.


From the early part of the 1800s, postcards were intended as souvenirs and placed on sale at an Exposition in Chicago. People were buying the postcards as their own reminders of something significant that had happened during their time. From being just a souvenir, postcards had evolved to become a highly used tool for people to keep abreast of what's happening not only in their vicinity, but with the whole world as well.


With digital technology, postcards have also become the epitome of its dynamism and change. Gone were the days when people used to send postcards that are bleary, images that are distorted, and colors that are dull. Advanced technology has come up with state of-the-art equipment and machines that allows for excellent quality printing at a much faster rate. In fact, excellent quality printing can be reproduced not only a hundred, but a thousand times over.


What's more, online printing is also at hand due to the birth of digital technology. We need not go out and hand over our orders. With digital technology, all we need is a computer and an Internet connection for us to be able to have our postcards printed and delivered right at our very doors.


Not to mention that with the wide world of the Internet, digital postcards are becoming the in-thing nowadays. Digital postcards are working on the premise of sending as many postcards to recipients in less time possible with just one click of the mouse. From conceptualization and design, until the final touches and sending to different emails, the Internet is hands-on in providing the best designs and formats, and the fastest way for them to get to the recipients. Making it more convenient and flexible, without the previous hassle of traditional printing. Add to this that more people are reached in the four corners of the world.


Thanks to digital technology, postcards have become the most convenient way of getting in touch with people globally.


On demand printing is one of the printing technologies constantly evolving. These articles serve to help interested parties in learning the latest innovations, useful suggestions and more relating to the niche of on demand printing.



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Current rating: 3.04 (of 5) - 153 votes
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