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Added: November 19, 2004
Article rating: 3.17 (of 5) - 205 votes

Negotiating the Contract Minefield - Protecting Yourself and Your Client

One of the occasional and more serious complaints from clients that I used to hear as a real estate lawyer was that the house buying process passed them by.
Usually, this was followed by a complaint that the real estate professional really didn't work for their money..
The end result for the real estate professional was that here was a client that was not going to return in the future. Either the client would hire another Real Estate Agent and negotiate very hard on commissions or else they would go the FSBO or discount route. In either case, the result is an additional force on Real Estate professionals to decrease fees in order to win work.
Well, there are some things that are beyond your control in preventing this situation, such as the work of the opposing Real Estate Agent and how the buyers and sellers react to negotiations. However, there are a number of things that you can do that will help alleviate this situation and help prevent it from arising. The end result is happier clients overall and more repeat business. ... full article
Added: October 21, 2004
Article rating: 3.74 (of 5) - 606 votes

25 Steps to Kick Start your Real Estate Business

New agent or real estate veteran? You've got a TON to learn, two TONS of information at your disposal, and you are feeling a little confused about which steps will bring you PROFIT and productivity. In a slump? It's time to embrace the new way to produce money. ... full article
Added: September 27, 2004
Article rating: 3.43 (of 5) - 477 votes

Six easy Questions to Ask an Expired Listing to make it yours

The expired listing is one of the EASIEST sources of inventory for a savvy agent. Most homeowners who have experienced the marketing process without a sale are disillusioned by the lack of satisfaction from the initial listing agent, making it an easy addition to your inventory when you just ask the right questions to make it yours. The questions you ask will offer you the blueprint for meeting the expectations of the property owner, while offering you an insight as to what other challenges may have prevented the property from selling in the first place. ... full article
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