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Added: August 5, 2005
Article rating: 3.12 (of 5) - 202 votes

How To Create A Better Brochure

Having a quality brochure makes a positive impression on a potential customer. It gives the appearance that you're serious about your business.
And it may give you an advantage over competitors who don't use brochures.
Printing technology has made big advancements in the last decade, including high speed, high-resolution color photocopiers and laser printers.
This has reduced the need for using printing presses and allows you to print small quantities with less expense. If you're printing only a few hundred brochures, this is the way to go. ... full article
Added: June 21, 2005
Article rating: 3.14 (of 5) - 354 votes

Brochures: The Ultimate Sales Weapon

"How brochures can help you stand out from the competition, close the deal, and even build repeat business."

Most brochures are nothing more than a collection of a few pictures and a few details about a business. However, brochures can be used as powerful tools that distinguish your company from your competition, further sell prospects on your product or service, and even build repeat business. ... full article
Added: June 21, 2005
Article rating: 3.21 (of 5) - 164 votes

Does Your Brochure Pass the Test ?

Your prospects will decided if they want to read your brochure in the first 5 seconds they look at it. What kind of message are you communicating in that five seconds? Will you make a favorable impression with your prospect? Will you move your prospect closer to the sale? ... full article
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