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Added: February 25, 2009
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5 Keys to Unique Business Card Designs That Sell Your Brand

[ by Patrick Cannon ]
Your business cards are just as important as your enterprise itself. They are the first thing your sales prospect sees when they make their first impression on you. They are the last thing they see before they call you to buy. If you would like your business to stand out and be unique, you must also be able to create personalized business cards for yourself and for your employees if you want the business cards to stay out of the prospect's trash.

Don't guess how to produce custom unique business cards to increase your referral business and commissions; it's high time that you learn the tricks:

Business Card Brand

When it comes to branding, your company logo is one of the most essential parts. The good thing is that you can actually add it to the business card itself. Don't skip the logo. You can choose to place the logo at the side, next to your business's name. You can also opt to place it at the center, with the business name right below it. Customers often place it on top of one of their business card pictures, associating their business with that picture.

Custom Business Card Design

Just when you thought that you can simply guess the size and shape of your custom unique business cards, the choices started to multiply. The standard size card is 2 inches by 3 ½ inches. Now printers can cut them with rounded corners or other odd shapes. Also, there are fold-over business cards, essentially a mini-brochure at twice the size with a fold in the middle. If there is one thing you have to remember with regards to the business card size, make your business card unique in a tasteful manner.

Unique Business Card Message

Your written message on the card, the contact information, sales message, and the reason to buy should be clearly visible and legible to the reader. It's great to have a stunning picture, but the picture should reinforce the message communicated by the text.

Business Card Sales Copywriting

A business card is a piece of marketing collateral. Treat it like one. Use enough writing to get your point across and no more. If a piece of text isn't doing something important get rid of it. Treat it just like a good piece of sales copywriting. You may be tempted to put extraneous details on your business card. Resist the impulse to dilute your brand and your message. Do not let it crowd out important information that should be found on your card, such as your business name, your name and contact information, and the sales message.

Business Card Printing

It's completely possible to design and print out custom business cards on a home computer and printer. If you are selling products and services to white collar business people or business with executive management positions DON'T DO IT! Use a professional printing company. Your customers can usually tell if you had the cards done at a print shop. They expect it to be done there. You will end up with a better product is what it comes down to. If the print shop you are working with isn't being receptive to what you want done in a timely manner or cost competitive then switch the printer. It's completely reasonable with the Internet to proof a design and print in the same day at an internet print shop. My company does it every day. Many printers can do this. Choose one you like and get the job done in a reasonable time.

About the author: Patrick Cannon is the CEO of, a business card printer that provides branded marketing collateral solutions for sales professionals that need the absolute best marketing materials. Specialized in realtor marketing materials like Realtor Business Cards, provides business card designs with Free Delivery and Easy Online Ordering.

Copyright 2009

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