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Added: May 20, 2008
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Creating Implicit and Explicit Content on Your Business Cards Design

[ by Carla San Gaspar ]
Every important person has one. Every person who dreams of becoming important wants to have one. It is that little cardboard with tiny inscriptions that you hand out frequently during conferences and social gatherings. It is called a business card with all your personal business cards design functioning towards its purpose..

A business card is your first step to establishing a permanent link with someone. It is a small piece of card with even smaller letters in it that contains important contact information such as phone numbers, mobile numbers, fax number, office address and recently, the email address.

Do not let the size deceive you. This tiny instrument can speak volumes and work wonders. A simple business card design can communicate with both its explicit and implicit content. Controlling, modifying, and manipulating all these details are a perfectionists dream.

Explicit content

Your card highlights your name, position and company. It also includes, especially if you are just starting out, all the contact details that you have. This makes it easy for your clients to reach you. Whether it is in the office or at home, you are accessible.

And you should continue to make yourself increasingly within reach by setting up additional means for you to be conveniently contacted. You may add a fax number, a mobile number or an email address. You may even help direct clients directly to your website so you also establish a link between your company and your target customers.

Business cards also contain logos, be it purely font-based or those with graphics and illustrations. These add to the appeal and overall aesthetic value of the card.

Implicit content

The design, cut, and especially the content tell more than what meets they eyes.

It tells who you are based on your position and your company. It indicates who you are affiliated with. Persons holding your card will get the idea if you are important or if you are connected to someone or something important, say a multinational company or a big firm.

More so, it can reflect a certain value that your receiver acknowledges or perceives upon reviewing your card. A formal business card can represent a conservative yet professional firm, a creative one can denote innovativeness and so on.

It also gives people the impression on how serious you are on advertising yourself and your company. How you choose to package your information through the card can either impress or turn off people.

Colors can easily set the mode and lets your readers recognize you immediately. Colors can work by virtue of association. Red is energetic, green is relaxing, deep blue is conservative or business-like and so on. It could also easily help your recipients identify who you are: gardeners, landscape artists and so on might use green as a dominant colors, florists draw upon bright and warm colors and so on.

Truth is, people tend to judge you based on the content and appearance of your card. But the mere fact that you have a card to present, they will know for certain that you mean business. So let your business card design do part of the talking and persuade your recipients that you are the choice they have to make.

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Current rating: 4.00 (of 5) - 3 votes
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