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Added: June 23, 2009
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Real Estate Business Cards - Great Designs Earn You Great Business

[ by Patrick Cannon ]
There is no denying the simple truth that business cards are one of the most important marketing tools that any business can use. They help to get word of mouth advertising, improve your businesses image and create brand recognition. Unfortunately, poorly designed business cards can also hurt your business in all of these areas.

Great business card design is imperative for any business which wants to utilize this simple, inexpensive form of advertising. The key to this is taking the time to learn the appropriate information about how to develop a great business card.

Without a doubt, the most important step that a business can take in developing business cards is to find a reputable business card manufacturing company. A company which has the experience, skill and expertise to develop great business cards can go a long way towards making sure that your businesses card design is well done.

Another important factor that goes into getting a great business card design is to truly know what you want as an image. A great company can design a great card but they first need to know what you are trying to achieve with your card. Colors, design elements and other factors can all go a long way towards invoking a certain reaction from clients so knowing these things ensures that your designer can develop a great card.

Consider the different color options when you are designing your business card design. Colors are something which is often overlooked by many people. Crisp, clear colors can provide an extremely professional image to prospective clients. They can also be used to ensure that the information which is printed on your cards is incredibly easy to use. Poorly designed color schemes can lead to a poor image in the eyes of your clients.

Work with a clear easy to read font and make sure that the font is not too small. Many people get caught up in the idea of trying to fit as much information as possible on their business cards. A great business card design needs to be easy to read and this means the font can't be too small. It means sacrificing the amount of information you provide but in reality the goal of the business card should be to get a call.

Pick the right finish for your card. For some business a matte finish is the best option because extra information may become necessary and in some cases it can also be seen as a sign of professionalism. In other businesses a glossy finish may be an option for enhancing the colors of the card. Some even choose to do a matte finish on one side and a glossy finish on the other.

Many other factors come into play when coming up with a great business card design. In the end however, the most important factor is still the company which actually designs the card. If you have taken your time to do your homework and you work with the best company then you can feel confident that you will get a business card which is professional, original and easy to read.

About the author:

Patrick Cannon is the CEO of, a custom printing provider of branded marketing collateral solutions for sales professionals targeting high value niche markets. A provider of premium real estate business cards, customers can print business cards at with Easy Online Ordering and Free Delivery.

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