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Added: December 15, 2006
Article rating: 3.88 (of 5) - 8 votes

Power Tools Of Power Closers

[ by Kurt Mortensen ]
I'd like to outline five different powerful tools that are used by all power closers. Anyone who masters these skills who does not possess them already will surely see profound results.

The first concept is that power closers are intensely goal-oriented. Talk about goals and goal-setting these days seems to have become very cliche. In spite of this tendency, super-successful individuals who are driven to accomplish well-planned and clearly defined goals are distinguished from those who are mediocre. They know exactly what the bottom line is and exactly what they have to do to meet it. Not only this, but successful sales people typically push the bottom line so they increasingly out-produce previous records.

The only reason they are successful in pushing the limits is because they are measuring. If you don't know the facts, figures or standards, you're trying to shoot a target in the fog. Then, not only do your prospects know the figures, but they also visualize their success. They can see themselves clearly in their mind's eye accomplishing their goals. "Pre-programming" their success helps them fuel their ambition, desire and commitment. As a result, they have given themselves "permission to win."

Another key tool of power closers is responsibility. No matter what happens, they accept 100 percent responsibility for their results. When challenges present themselves, power closers deal with them rather than make excuses. Nothing weakens your position more than when you're always shifting the blame to someone else. It takes a bigger person to own up to the results, whether good or bad.

I remember a sales representative who was just getting started in a full commission sales job. He had been given a draw to help him learn the business. He thought he would be on the draw for most of the year. When the sales manager told him the draw was done, he told the rep, "It's time to start selling like you mean it." The rep was floored. He thought he had more time to get his ducks in a row, but now he had to take full responsibility for his income and his success. At the time, he was very upset with his sales manager. Six months later, he said it was the best thing that had ever happened to him.

Power closers believe in themselves and in their product. You cannot get a customer to believe in your product more than you do. Top salespeople love what they are selling. Before taking on a sales task, ask yourself: Can I really put my heart into this? Remember, engaging your prospects' emotions is crucial to closing the sale, and if you're not enthusiastic, they're certainly not going to be. Your prospects have to feel good about the product in order to purchase it, and you have a major impact on how they're going to feel about the product.

Whether you like it or not, you are part of the package. They may not be taking you home with them, but your prospects will take home the attitude you project and instill in them. Enthusiasm alone will close deals. I have seen the belief and enthusiasm of closers work wonders in the time-share industry. The energy time-share sellers create and the belief in their product they exhibit puts many prospects into a vacation home.

Power closers are always honest with themselves and with other people. The average person can pick up on insincerity and falsehood. A power closer will always conduct her/himself with honesty and integrity just as a matter of principle. Power closers will not try to sell something that they know is not in their customers' best interest. Coupled with this integrity is the fact that power closers sincerely care about their customers. They are attentive to their customers' needs and concerns and respond to them with empathy. When dealing with a power closer, a prospect is never uncertain about where s/he stands.

The power sales is also the prospect's friend, advisor and advocate. I have seen real estate agents triple their business based on honesty and integrity. They tell prospects about the pros and cons of each house, each neighborhood and each pricing structure. Not only do these power agents get customers for life, but they also receive countless referrals.

Learning to persuade and influence will make the difference between hoping for a better income and having a better income. Beware of the mistakes persuaders commit that cause them to lose the deal. Go to and explode your income!

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Current rating: 3.88 (of 5) - 8 votes
  • Albert Grant December 31, 2006
    I like this article and believe it is quite helpful
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