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Added: February 16, 2010
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Real Estate Lead Generation - How Do I Generate Real Estate Leads?

[ by Duncan Wierman ]
If you are part of the real estate industry today you are probably trying to find new ways of generating leads. Without leads, there is no business that can be a success. Your leads bring in new clients and more sales after all. There are many ways to generate leads some are more successful than others.

One way that Realtors and investors have always used was to buy them. But this is not always the most effective method for getting profitable leads.

When buying the leads you are getting names and contact numbers of unknown people who are not familiar with you. They do not know your reputation or anything about your background. They also have not asked for you to get in contact with them. You may also find that when you do get in touch with them that they have already hired an agent.

This method of getting leads is basically considered cold calling. With cold calling you are taking a big chance of being turned down. For the most part people do not appreciate be called, and being asked for them to sign you up as their agent. This is one reason that cold calling is on the way out.

So what is the best way to get leads? For one thing you have to make people want to come to you. You want them freely giving you their contact information and asking you to help them. This sounds great doesn't it? You are probably wondering right now how you can make this happen for you.

How do to you motivate potential clients to email you or phone you, instead of you having to contact them? Well by following a few easy steps you can accomplish this.

First you have to have a visible Web presence so people see how to contact you. You can make yourself more visible on the Internet these days by using search engine optimization. This means making sure your site is setup right to draw the attention of the search engines for one thing.

This is done by writing articles that are rich in facts and interesting for the people to read. You can advertise in the local newspapers, do online press releases, get actively involved in your surrounding community, or Internet blogging is big today too. Making yourself this visible will definitely generate some leads.

You can offer something of value off your website. Maybe some information on the latest tax incentives being offered for first time home buyers. But don't just title is something boring like " This Year's Tax Incentives". A better title would be something like "Act Now for New Tax Incentives". With the second title you put a since of urgency to the information. People are more apt to click on and read the second title.

You have to let people know that you can be trusted. Use testimonials from past clients (with their permission of course) to help portray your image. Also show your sales success stories and records as you have had over the years. Let people know this.


About the Author: Duncan Wierman is an Ex Software company CEO turned Real Estate Investor and Marketer. Discover how you can use creative online marketing methods to do more deals online. For more details on how this type of automated internet marketing system works for real estate investors, please visit Duncan Wierman's website and get is free 14 day e-course.

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Current rating: 4.17 (of 5) - 6 votes
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