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Added: March 6, 2005
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Are You Ignoring These Marketing Principles?

In marketing as in science there are basic principles that govern the movement of bodies in space, or prospects and clients. Just as people instinctively know the law of gravity, they are aware of the fundamental principles of marketing. Unlike the law of gravity which is hard to deny, many small business owners often neglect to apply core marketing principles to attract clients. ... full article
Added: March 6, 2005
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High Tension for the Buyer and Seller of Real Estate Can Be Reduced

Tensions can run high in both the selling and buying of real estate. After all, there is a lot of money and emotion involved! There are also time pressures and numerous privacy issues to deal with. The sale and purchase of real estate can be a lengthy process involving numerous professionals from many fields.

The Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University asked 3,000 Texas home buyers to describe their recent purchase, about 400 replied. Their responses showed how stressful buying a home can be, for buyers and sellers. The Realtors and attorneys who try to keep all tensions at bay in order to complete the transaction also feel the burdens of stress! ... full article
Added: December 19, 2004
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The Top 10 Professional Excellence Gems for Enhancing Word-of-Mouth

At a recent Rotary International meeting, I facilitated a mini marketing clinic where we brainstormed about how to best market our products and services. Aside from the usual discussion regarding mailings, advertising, and professional and current business cards, we quickly found ourselves talking about one thing. The importance of Word-of-Mouth.

We all agreed that word-of-mouth was the most critical marketing method that brings priceless third-party endorsements and subsequent business. Following are professional excellence gems that could enhance the word-of-mouth about you and your business! ... full article
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