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Added: January 2, 2010
Article rating: 3.88 (of 5) - 8 votes

5 Things You Should Never Place on Your Real Estate Property Signage

[ by Jeff Crossriver ]
We live in a world that is plugged in in every way shape and form. Information is transmitted at lightning speed and that applies particularly to real estate marketing. However, one of the most effective methods of marketing your real estate continues to be on site signage.

A surprising number of prospects still drive around or look for property in their local area and will rely on property signage as their first source of information. As such, a good real estate marketer will use property signage as a key part of their integrated real estate marketing system. There are right things and wrong things to work onto a sign. This article focuses on the wrong things.

1) Small Type Size - One of the most common mistakes is to put information on a sign that is too small to easily read. Most people see a property sign for the first time while driving. Information that is too small will not register with drivers that are moving at even a modestly slow rate of speed. Your sign header should be large enough that someone passing by in a car can read the headline within one to three seconds. Test this yourself and see if you can get the essence of your sign headline within that time.

2) Too Much Information
- This can also kill the effectiveness of your sign just as much as small type. Your sign needs to be a funnel to other more informative channels of information. You should not be relying on the sign to convey your most important information about your property. Instead, your sign needs to provide minimal information that will force interested parties to go to an 800 telephone number, a website, or other similar places. Make sure the sign includes prominently how a prospect can get to these places for information. Also, you should have one major property feature, such as an ocean view and reflect the number of bedrooms and baths.

3) Over Selling the Realtor or Brokerage - This can be a sensitive subject since property signage represents a great opportunity to advertise the real estate intermediary. Unfortunately, most prospects don't much care who is brokering a property sale and this serves to gobble up extraordinarily valuable sign real estate. We have seen onsite property signs that look like they are doing nothing other than advertising the brokerage company. Resist this temptation and rely on other marketing means to push the value of the realtor.

4) Using Pictures or Images to Sell - Pictures are a natural marketing element to use in selling real estate since it lends itself so well to visual representation. Pictures are also good for catching the attention of prospects as they are driving by. However, the picture or image should not be the core element of the sign. Text and references to your other marketing channels are by far the most important pieces of information to emphasize. Use pictures as background information only and not as your primary marketing element.

5) Using Too Many Colors - Employing too many colors will only confuse someone that is already focused on way too many other things. Your sign should have white, black and red. Anything other than these should be used minimally, if it all. White letters stand out against a red background and black letters stand out against a white background. Do not use red lettering against a white background as this is not pleasing to the eye. We like to use a red background with white lettering for the headline and then black letters against white background for the rest of the sign.

Signs are often overlooked as critical marketing elements. They are often misused as a platform for marketing things other than the property itself. A properly assembled property signage campaign can do wonders for your selling or rental efforts. Avoid the above and focus your message primarily on getting your prospect to go to the most important information portals, where you have much more latitude to be creative and persuasive.


About the Author: Jeff Crossriver has been marketing real estate for over 20 years. Get FREE video training on his breakthrough system for Marketing Real Estate at

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Current rating: 3.88 (of 5) - 8 votes
  • Wilbur B. Brown January 7, 2010
    This is great information which I have know, but needed the reminder to go back to basics with property signs. Thanks for a good article.
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