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Added: November 17, 2008
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Offline Promotion Opportunities

[ by Byron Pulsifer ]
Inevitably, there will be times when web traffic slows down. One of these times is in the summer, and another time is during the Christmas Holiday season. People are out and about either enjoying the outdoors and other various summer activities with their friends, family, taking their long awaited vacations, or, during the Christmas holidays, are out shopping, traveling to be with family, or enjoying holiday festivities of one kind or another.

If you've been marketing your business or services on the Internet for several years, you know that traffic slows down and with it sales, affiliate sign ups, or requests for services. But, the question is should you also slow down your marketing efforts, and take it easy?

While we all need a little R&R, as an active web marketer you can use these natural slow downs for updating those web pages you've been too busy to do; searching for additional programs to add to your site; re-writing sales or ad copy; or other web activity that will put you out in front when web traffic returns.

Or, here's something else to consider. Don't forget about offline advertising for your web site. Before you go anywhere, go to your local business card center and get yourself a few hundred special business cards printed. These business cards don't have to be fancy but they need to look professional. You can get business cards with your web site address, a short catchy phrase or a few key words that would entice someone to visit your web site.

Where and how can you use these business cards? The answer is, everywhere you go!

Make sure you always keep business cards in your pocket and a supply in your car. Going to a theme park with your family? Simply hand one to the person selling tickets. Going golfing? Hand one to the person collecting green fees. Traveling to another city? Hand one to waiters, waitresses, bartenders, motel owners/workers, and to anyone you strike up a conversation with and asks you what you do. How about those plane trips, train trips, taxi rides, sales people at stores, or those former colleagues you meet who wonder how you are doing since you left full-time employment.

I keep a plain business card (no logo) with my name, web address, and enticing key words with me all the time. And, since the price of a few hundred cards is not expensive, I also carry and hand out another card for an online program that is gaining a lot of momentum.

You can always consider having two or three sets printed each highlighting a different business or program.

Advertising opportunities are everywhere. All you have to do is hand out an enticing business card - all it costs you is the price of your business cards. After all, you do go out of your house once in awhile - don't you?

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Current rating: 3.00 (of 5) - 2 votes
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