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Added: December 2, 2008
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Promoting Your Home Business Offline

[ by Craig Osenbaugh ]
Most people are aware of the typical online promotional techniques home business owners have marketed through such as banners, link exchanges, different search engines, newsletters, forums, and the like. However, a good home based business must also consider offline promotion strategies as well and how to use them in order to generate more business.

Remember, that simply because your business is online does not mean you are restricted to simply advertising online. Promoting offline gives you opportunities to reach the people who may never find your ad or web site online. The most important tip for offline promotion strategies of course is your web site URL. You want your URL to be easily remembered, so it is important to pick something memorable when creating your URL. Then, when you have decided on the perfect, catchy URL, it is even more important to make sure that it is distributed in the offline world.

There are many ways to do this. One, your URL should be on all stationary, invoices, and any communication you send should be branded with your URL. This is important because the more people see your URL the more likely they will be to remember it.Some advertisers have used billboards that have a large URL and nothing else on it, this creates curiosity in passersby's who often times will go and check it out just to ease their inquisitiveness. Another strategy is to place a large magnet on the side of your company vehicle because it can easily list the web page address, any other information, and can easily be changed if necessary.

Make sure you have your URL displayed on your web pages. The reason for this is to target individuals who print out articles or other information to read later. You want these people to know the address of what they are reading so they can return. There is also a chance that other people will see what was printed and they will be able to see your URL.

There is always television and radio advertising when it fits in your budget. Off-peak hours advertising is not nearly as expensive as prime time advertising. You can check with your local cable channels and local radio stations for pricing information. They will also be able to help you find your target audience. For instance, if your web page hosts real estate listings in North Carolina, you will want to advertise on local North Carolina channels and radio stations. Advertising this way significantly reduces the price and gets the word out to many targeted individuals.

Also, contact your local newspaper and let the business editor know you have a new business and Web site and what you offer. Frequently, local newspapers are interested in featuring local business people and their accomplishments. This form of free advertising can really help get your business noticed.

Put on your creative hat and work on those offline promotion strategies, be creative and constantly thinking of new ways you can get the word out. Creativity will usually draw interested visitors. Promoting your business offline is every bit as important as your online promotions. Make sure your web site is up to date and ready for all of the new visitors you will get from your offline promotions.

About the author: Craig Osenbaugh is a web publisher and writer. Craig currently maintains

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