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Added: March 12, 2010
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Is it Really Worth the Money For Mobile Real Estate Marketing?

[ by Dave Thies ]
Most of the businessmen in the world of today know the saying "It takes money to make money in the end" this is especially so in the area of real estate marketing. Marketing is an essential part of any successful business and cannot be tossed aside in times of a troubled economic state. Since home sales are very low at this moment, you can find high value properties for very low prices, due to this fact you must take extra measures to attract in new and more customers.

Because the industry is very well informed in terms of technology, they have been able to quite easily bring in new ideas and techniques of marketing tools so that they can advertise their business to existing or new customers.

Marketing Tools for Real Estate Marketing

Some of the most popular marketing tools are:

- Traditional Marketing: Publications in magazines or other venues, Billboards, and even direct mailing.

- Internet Marketing: Virtual tours, SEO, site design, and lead generation.

- Listing Marketing: E flyers and listing syndications work as well.

- Mobile Marketing: Mobile web browsing and Tex messaging are great tools for real estate marketing.

The rising popularity of mobile phones has made it into a great tool for marketing. Especially with smart phones like the iphone, blackberry, and Google phone, it has caused a transformation in terms of marketing. It has made it very easy for potential customers to look on the web for real estate, which makes doing business for real estate agents fairly easy as well with only a few clicks of a button. It can open up a larger cliental base than was before.

Real Estate Marketing Through The Use Of Text Messaging

With text messaging, a person can get information while they are on the move, which has made it so much easier for people to communicate clearly and quickly throughout the world, which has made it a very positive thing for real estate marketing. In addition, the next generation prefers to use cell phones over their computers.

Text messaging can provide real estate agents a way to communicate better with customers or potential ones. Communicating in this fashion is very hassle free and reliable. Since text messaging can be automated it can affectively reach many prospects this way so that they stay visible to people.

There are a large number of different companies offering mobile marketing services; however, it is wise to select a company with a large number of different mobile providers like ATT, Verizon, Cell One, Sprint, US Cellular and so on. You are going to want to go with a company that will offer a number of tolls to start up a marketing campaign, have subscriber lists managed, upgrade your campaign strategies and mobilize the business. You may even go with companies that do real estate marketing over social networking web sites like Facebook or Twitter.

Real Estate Marketing by Use of Mobile Web Browsing

Generally, the most time spent on a mobile phone by a user is surfing the Internet. It must be known though, that not all websites are compatible with how smart phones access them. It may be a truly impressive web site but you have a chance of losing out on many possible customers if people cannot access it on their smart phones. Therefore, it is a great idea to make your website cell phone friendly. If at present time you do not have a website, you can find a website designer that will create one for you and can make it cell phone friendly. You may also hire services from a company that can make your website you already have mobile friendly.

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Current rating: 3.75 (of 5) - 4 votes
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